Our Mission

Covala Capital leads a ‘family’ of operating companies

- which together seek to supply, process, manufacture, deliver, construct, and commission a wide variety of technologically innovative and environmentally sensitive building product solutions.  

We believe that in so doing, we are able to consistently deliver credible value at the lowest practical cost, yet allow for a sustainable profit. 

We are committed to develop, direct and coordinate building projects consistently utilizing team resources to plan, budget, design, optimize, inspect, construct and startup modern sheltering solutions for our community.  

Shared Values & Goals

Above all else, our diverse corporate culture and leadership insists on maintaining our core “VERACITIES”; … old fashioned ideals perhaps [Visibility, Efficacy, Reliability, Accuracy, Community, Individuality, Transparency, Integrity, Ethnicity, and Spirituality].


We have, for the past 40+ years sought relentlessly to create and pursue a development plan that would make our community truly sustainable.   

Accordingly, and not coincidentally, over the course of the coming five to ten years, we intend to transform our current developable land assets from ‘open pasture’ sites to carefully selected, targeted, and dedicated community-strengthening improvements.  

The accomplishment of our mission will positively help transform our small mountain community; not into an international resort mecca, nor into a metropolitan industrial complex, but rather into a gently but steadily expanding place to live, work, raise children, sustain generational continuity, and promote a steady return on an appropriate discipline of freedom that has been nearly abandoned in 21st century rural America.   

We have set out to champion a constructive local movement that leads back to a future that is once again consistent with that utopian yet arduous vision so ingeniously well founded by dedicated common men in Philadelphia in 1776.  We refuse to accept that a Republic so founded can no longer endure.  Rather, we are determined to demonstrate that the resilience and self-correcting brilliance of that original revolutionary plan that for over two centuries has made North America and Australia destinations of solace and hope for abused and struggling populations from around the world.