Our Companies

Rogers Timber Industries

A collaborative company that harvests, transports, dries, processes, packages and delivers all types of forest products; including in some cases pre-finished products.  The company also offers proprietary and trademarked pre-engineered timber processing packages for end to end logging through building products manufacturing options.  Can serve markets nationwide from on-site in forest settings, through conventional timber milling operations.


A building component manufacturer featuring pre-engineered commercial/industrial wood building solutions competitive with metal buildings (in limited size ranges) and especially featuring PODular™ special-function, portable, custom buildings, aPOD™ affordable multi-family housing solutions and packaged 'integrated energy' smart homes or branded special purpose living solutions.

The Moser Legacy

This company owns a vintage wood & furniture shop.  Its purpose is to preserve the legacy of the company, founded in 1915. 

Its assets include the original shop equipment, 100 years worth of original patterns/samples/catalogs/jigs/story sticks & templates used in the making of the signature pieces. 

All of the ledgers and records of the company, detailed plans of its exact original configuration, written transcripts of its history as told by the second generation owners. Plus, the formula for a furniture polish created by the founder circa 1920 & miscellaneous hand tools used by the founder in the original shop in Lynchburg, VA & many of the original special purpose fixtures created by the senior L. O. Moser and his team of craftsmen.

This company is currently in transition and being sold.

Alpine Design Concepts

A building, land development and process design firm offering full spectrum Architectural and Engineering services.  Client records (including those of its predecessor company Architonic Design Group, Inc.) consisting of contract files, original sketches, copyrighted drawings, associated intellectual property data, digital records, and other work papers.  Its entire professional technical reference library plus historical thru current codes, published studies, and master plans.

ASI Power Equipment, Inc

An asset ownership, maintenance & repair, financing and leasing company supporting the construction industry.